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Successful Social Media on a Shoestring - 04/11/13

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The UNCG Community of Content Creators (C3) is kicking off its brand new Lunch & Learn series with a presentation on social media.  Lunch & Learns are an on-going series of presentations/workshops centered around inspiring and providing useful tools to the larger university community of content creators.

This bi-monthly series will focus on real world problems and practical solutions to enhance your communications work and make your job a little bit easier.

The first event in the series is the presentation on social media called, “Successful Social Media on a Shoestring.”  Social media is important, but in today’s climate of budget constraints and overworked staffs, it can be overwhelming to add yet another task to overfull plates. With the help of our UNCG community, we have built a thriving social media community of more than 25,000 followers with existing University Relations staff and virtually no budget. This presentation will show how to use social media’s free and low cost tools in combination with existing resources and personnel to create a social community powered by grassroots enthusiasm.

This event was purposely scheduled around the normal lunch hour for most folks.  Bring your lunch and enthusiasm and we will handle the rest!

C3 Lunch & Learn Series presents: Successful Social Media on a Shoestring

Date/Time: April 11th, 2013  11am - 12:45pm


Cost: FREE

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